Singletrack at Ponderosa Lodge

Singletrack at Ponderosa Lodge

Rocky Mountain Creek X-ingColorado 2 Day Singletrack at the Ponderosa Lodge.

Ponderosa Lodge, Salida, Colorado - July 18-20 2014.

2 Days of Epic SingleTrack riding around and along the Continental Divide from the Ponderosa Lodge near the South Fork of the Arkansas River. Ride trails you’ve heard about but never ridden.

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This will be a shared group expense ride all inclusive but fuel from Friday evening to Sunday Evening.

7 meals and 2 nights lodging, roll charts and outriders over some of Colorado’s finest trails and rock gardens.

Rock Garden

This is not a guided ride, and not a ride for novices. In fact, if you’re not an experienced rider this is NOT the ride for you.

We recommend a street legal dirt bike and a trials rear tire on the terrain the route charts covers. We recommend leaving early and keeping stops to a minimum. You leave when you wish, ride at your own pace and we do not ride in large groups. We also highly recommend you come with a friend and be responsible for each other all through the day.

Day 1 will cover 120 miles with over 60% Singletrack. Less than 10% pavement if you ride the whole loop. Be prepared for water crossings and a few rocks. Elevations up to 11,000 feet.

Day 2 will take you on 2 track and dirt roads, past old mines and up and over the divide to the iconic Singletrack on the opposite side of the mountains you rode the previous day. Day 2 covers more epic Rocky Mountain Singletrack. And Day 2 has even less pavement than day 1! The Day 2 route will be approximately 110 miles at elevations from 8,000 to over 12,000 feet above sea level.

Alpine Lake above the Ponderosa Lodge

Lunch will be provided as part of the group expense both days at planned stops on the route.

Enjoy and share the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiast’s at the Ponderosa Lodge for a Friday Dinner and the open cash bar. Double occupancy rooms, each with its own bathroom and 3 bunk beds are the accommodations for this ride, and we are limited to 36 riders unless you want to sleep 3 to a room.

The Ponderosa Lodge has an outdoor deck, open cash bar and a buffet, all you can eat style restaurant. Also on the grounds are a covered pavilion, an indoor swimming pool and horseshoe pits. We will have 3 dinners and 2 breakfasts at the Lodge, 2 meals on the trail.

This trailride is for Club Members and all expenses are shared by the group. A portion of any profits would be distributed to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Roll Charts are included with the shared expense but may be purchased separately if you cannot make the ride date. Donate to the BRC

This adventure will have amenities available, such as meals, parking-meeting arrangements, lodging, and fuel transport. The cost for these amenities is paid by Exit Tours M/C for the whole group, the expenses are averaged out per rider based on projected attendance, and payable when you sign-up for the weekend. Selecting these amenities is optional and their cost should not be considered payment for the ride.

Singletrack Mesa

There is no qualifying or probation period to become an Exit Tours Motorcycle Club member and there are no required meetings or work days associated with your membership — just join and ride!  2014 Club Membership is only $15.00 and you can sign up instantly on Paypal.

Club Membership Sign Up

Singletrack at Ponderosa LodgeExpense averaged group cost for this adventure includes roll charts for 2 days, 7 meals, 2 meals on the trail on private property, 2 nights lodging , a t-shirt and over 225 miles of epic trail riding you can’t follow on a map for $475.00. We use Paypal to make it easy to sign-up.  (You do not have to be a Paypal subscriber to use Paypal)

You are responsible for a Colorado OHV sticker, Fuel in a DOT container for transport on Day 1, spark arrestor, street legality in your state of residence and liability insurance. This is a non-commercial group club ride for under 75 riders, not paying an entry fee on an unguided ride with roll charts and with outriders.

Roll charts only may be purchased separately if you cannot make the club group ride date for $75.00/ day.

The Ponderosa Lodge is not open to the general public.

Youtube Video link from Vurboffroad on the 2013 Rocky Mountain Singletrack trailride from the Tomichi Creek Trading Post in Sargents, Colorado

Here is a link to FAQ - Ponderosa and also be sure to look at the FAQ page for more info and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.