Roll Charts

What Are They?

First, let's just agree that dual sport rides are a great way to ride and see the countryside. Why ? Because you get to go to new places, see new things. You're not fenced in to some ORV area where you know the boundaries, and can't get lost. One of the fun parts about dual sport riding is navigation. Finding your way via written instructions. And a roll chart is the most common way to participate in an organized dual sport event.

A roll chart (also known as a "route sheet") is a scroll that has directions and mileage on it. Plain and simple. They take you from turn "A" to turn "B" and you use your trip meter (Odometer) to follow the chart and the route.

How Do They Work?

First off, you need to buy a roll chart holder (route sheet holder). They're available at most dealers, some shops may have to order them. They'll run from $30 up to $45.00.

A roll chart holder is a little box with knobs that you will attach to your Left handlebar and scroll with your left hand to follow the route based on mileage.

What Goes into The Holder?

Your route chart.

At the event, you'll get your route chart in the rider packet.

X-Roads Roll Charts are pre-cut and continuous length.

You may have to cut your roll-chart at ‘Lunch stop’ and bring the 2nd half with you if its too long to roll the whole thing into your roll chart holder.

What Do I Do Next?

Roll your route-chart into the roll chart holder preferably the night before the ride.

How Do I Use One?

Simple. Follow the directions on the roll chart. But first you need to understand the system of abbreviations and instructions. We use ‘Tulips’ for directions, the ‘Bulb’ represents the rider and you follow the arrow for direction. The mileage corresponds with the turn.

Now What?

Next, what we do is add mileage to the equation.

1.1  R  HWY 185 = At HWY 185 your odometer should read 1.1, turn right onto HWY 185 and continue riding.

3.9  R  CR 160 = when your odometer hits 3.9 miles (or thereabouts) turn Right on County Road 160, and keep riding.

5.0 CG = Cattle guards don’t move so we use cattleguards so you can check your mileage. There are a multitude of cattleguards along the route. When you cross a cattle guard check your mileage and you can then do the appropriate math if your odometer doesn’t match the roll chart until the next re-set.

STOP-RESET = Resets are at Obvious Locations. Usually at a stop sign and a corner or an obvious turn. At this point you would stop and turn your trip meter back to zero and start the next section. Pretty easy isn't it!

Let's Tie It All Together!

Read this out loud. Anyone in the room with you will think you're nuts, but you'll get a better understanding of how it all works out!

0.0 R  Hurley St

0.3  X RR Track

0.8 R CR 175

2.3  X  Bridge

4.2 L CR 165

5.0 CG

4.5  L Multiple switchbacks

5.2  Mine Infrastructure



Route sheets are not 100% accurate, but are close as we put some time into them. Each bike is different and measures differently. A XR250 tracks differently than an XRL650. You will find that a route sheet may be 0.1 to 0.2 off. You need to be aware of your surroundings and look for the appropriate turn, markings and road signs.

Resets to 0.0 will be frequent to allow your odometer mileage to be accurate with the chart.

That's what fun about it, you get to navigate yourself, and not have someone hold your hand the entire way!



Quotes from participants of the X-Roads of the Rockies Colorado 2 Day Dual Adventure
on August 19-20th 2017

2017 X Roads of the Rockies riders Comments 

You better know how to ride rocks if you want to ride in Colorado. After all, it IS the Rocky Mountains.

Mark W

Worth doing, add to your bucket list.

Leo J.

This event enabled me to ride areas and connect trails as if I was a local. The trails, scenery and camaraderie were beyond my expectations. A vacation of a lifetime –

Neville C

Had a great time on my first trip to Colorado. Can't wait for next year.

Ken P.

I got more than my money's worth of riding in quality and quantity!

Jim S.

How bout them rocks.

Terry L

"The rocks are what separates the men from the boys"

Jason H

Great ride, definitely on the must do list!

Tom L

Beyond expectations! Mike Brown and his team really did an outstanding job organizing the ride.

Randy M

Mike puts together a great event. The trails were awesome and the route guidance was on point

Chris K

Great people great ride great adventure

Doug M

"Epic Ride"

Kerry N.

If you have wanted to ride the Rockies, here is an opportunity to have as much as you can handle!!!


The Salida Dual Sport Ride was like Riding on the edge of dual sport bike paradise.

James W.

Great opportunity to meet people from across the country and enjoy a couple of long days of riding.

Tim W.

This event is definitely a challenge for a medicare-card-carrier like myself, but that just adds to the satisfaction of finishing the whole route unassisted. What didn't kill me only made me stronger! Or, as Orson Wells once said "If you feel pain, you know you're alive".

Ron J.

Epic beauty and great organization for a dual sport ride.

John N



Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure


Vurboffroad Presents Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure
Story- Michael Brown
Photos- Randall Paetzold & M. Brown

Exit Tours M/C Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport adventure on August 9-10 in Salida, Colorado was staged out of the Chaffee County Fairgrounds in Poncha Springs; a beautiful spot just a few miles from Salida in the Arkansas River Valley in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

For Saturday there was a choice of two routes, a long or short loop. Breakfast was provided from 6-7:30, and pushing the electric start button was planned for no later then 8am.

The 'short' route was 176-miles, and the long loop 235-miles of spectacular Rocky Mountain trail. The two routes used the same trail in several locations, with the Otto Mears Tollroad (built in 1863) being a bit past halfway mark. The lunch stop was in Sargents, Colorado for a Buffalo burger at the Tomichi Creek Trading Post.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

The trails and roads were moist for most of the day, and the traction mostly excellent from the summer monsoon rains. Almost all riders were finished with Day 1 by 6pm and ended their day with BBQ beef ribs, chicken and a adult beverages provided by the club.

Day 2 started early with a great breakfast at 6:30am and riders on their bike by 8am.  Sunday's ride would be longer than Saturday, as the long loop was 311-miles (and the short loop 276-miles) of epic mountain passes, views and scenery.

Sunday started with a ride along the Arkansas River, then over Aspen Ridge and through the largest grove of Aspens in America.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

Some of the riders struggled with the elevation, and reported shortness of breath getting to the top- but it was all worth the view. It's a steep drop down into Leadville where they stopped for a well deserved lunch at Gringos, where the burgers and fries are outstanding!

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

After lunch, riders still had a long way to go, but after an hour break they were back on the bike for a quick loop around Turquoise Lake. After the loop around the lake, riders avoided the pavement of Hwy 24 and rode a interesting pipeline Right of Way until heading back the same way we came towards Buena Vista were the group again stopped for gas.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure

The last 50-miles were spectacular with wide open spaces and unused 2-track through the woods and Aspens. It was incredible! By the time some got back, it was 7pm, and a few of the other riders had taken a short cut and were already loading their bikes. Everybody seemed to be satisfied and tired from the long, yet incredible, weekend of dual sport riding.\

Just another nice summer weekend of riding in the Rocky Mountains. Check out in the future for next year's schedule of adventures from Exit Tours Motorcycle Club.

Vurboffroad Presents: Colorado 2-Day Dual Sport Adventure


X-Roads of the Rockies Dual Sport

X- Roads of the Rockies Dual Sport Ride.
August 18-19 2018

Tour 3

2 Days of Epic Dual Sport riding around the Arkansas River & the Rio Grande and Colorado River headwaters. This ride starts at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds.

This Dual Sport ride is Limited to 75 riders so as to keep with USFS Guidelines, keep the groups manageable and so we can all have an enjoyable experience without a large crowd.

We recommend leaving early and keeping stops to a minimum. You leave when you wish, ride at your own pace, and we do not ride in large groups. We also highly recommend you come with a friend and be responsible for each other all through the day. We must insist everyone leave the Fairgrounds by 9 am so we are not out looking for riders in the dark.

Routes should be negotiable by competent riders on over 600cc or factory Dual Sport models. Though we discourage KLR 650s or Adventure bikes.

South-east of Buena Vista, CO.

Day 1 will cover over 125 miles of challenging terrain with Less than 15% pavement. Be prepared for a few rocks. Elevations up to 12,000 feet. 2 gas stops on the route and snacks and meals will be available at the Gas Stops.

Rocks, challenging uphills, downhills, 2 track, singletrack, old mines and outstanding vista’s are just a few of the caveats on this ride over the Continental Divide.

Example Only

Day 2 will take you on 2 track and dirt roads, past old mines and up and over the divide to the opposite side of the mountains you rode the previous day.

The Day 2 route will be approximately 125-140 miles at elevations from 7,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level . This year the Loop will include some challenging fun Singletrack and steeper hills than previous years. 1 possible alternate Gas stop on Day 2 where we will portage your fuel can to if you need it. The Gas stop at Lunch on Day 2 we will portage your fuel can and provide Lunch and Beverages.

Bailouts to short-cuts and extra Singletrack are available both Days.

Example Only

Summer rain clouds on the Continental Divide
Photo Credit R ! Series

Enjoy and share the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiast’s at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds on Friday evening with Dinner and beverages included with you Signing-up.

Club Membership is included with your entry for 2018 X-Roads of the Rockies.

This adventure is for Club Members and all expenses are shared. A portion of any profits will be distributed to Chaffee County Search & Rescue and the Blue Ribbon Coalition. Roll Charts are included with the shared expense but may be purchased separately if you cannot make the ride date.

Donate to the BRC

Expense averaged group cost for the Ride includes 2 days of roll charts , GPS Tracks, Dinner & Beverages Friday night. Fuel and Lunch available at stops along the way on Saturday, Lunch & Beverages included on the trail on Sunday. Fuel Portage, 4 nights camping, a Finisher pin, T- Shirt, Free coffee and breakfast available at the Fairgrounds both mornings. Over 250 miles of epic Dual Sport riding you can’t follow on a map for only $260.00.

We use PayPal as the only option to make it easy to sign -up.  (You do not have to be a PayPal subscriber to use PayPal)

Event Sign up link

Team Dixie Dual Sport made it out from Florida and Georgia in 2013

Team Dixie Dual Sports

You are responsible for a Colorado OHV sticker, Fuel and fuel in a DOT Container, spark arrestor, street legality in your state of residence and liability insurance for your motorcycle. We do not inspect any motorcycles. It is your responsibility to be legal.


Salida, Colorado is located on Hwy 50 in the Heart of the Rockies. The Chaffee County Fairgrounds are located 5 miles West of town @ 10165 C.R. 120, Salida, Colorado 81201 just Northeast of the Hwy 50 and Hwy 285 intersection at Poncha Springs.

X- Roads of the Rockies Dual Sport Ride. August 18-19 2018.
Chaffee County Fairgrounds, Salida, CO.

Our goal is to promote our sport.

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